W. Anita Braha Barrister and Solicitor | Developing respectful workplaces through planning, prevention & management

I offer a continuum of services from legal planning for risk management purposes to tailored prevention services and ultimately to specific case management services.

Planning includes conducting a full risk management audit of areas of exposure that an organization may face. This can include a comprehensive review and analysis of an organization’s policies, procedures and practices with a view to identifying areas of vulnerability.

Prevention involves providing custom education and training of appropriate staff with regard to the organization’s, and their, obligations and responsibilities. It includes reviewing and revising existing policies and procedures to ensure they are legally appropriate and effective.  

The case management services I provide address an organization’s need to deal with a specific case or complaint. I provide legal advice and opinions, as well as independent third party investigation and trouble shooting services to assist in the resolution of specific cases.

  • Strategic legal advice
  • Legal opinions
  • Customized education and training
  • Neutral investigations
  • Facilitations
  • Policy development and reviews

Areas of coverage:
  • Human rights and Responsibilties
  • Sexual, Personal and Psychological harassment
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Bullying
  • Respectful workplace issues
  • Workplace investigations

W. Anita Braha